Developers & Contact

Doors to Perception is developed by a team of the master course Game Design at the University of Applied Science in Hamburg. The project is supervised by professor Ralf Hebecker.

|2d art| Laura Bolter, Anna Dorokhova, Martin Kleingräber, David Solèr
|3d art| Benjamin Assig, Lukas Deuschel, Nicklas Luckwald, Valentin Sekinger
|programming| Matthias Ewald, Stephen Fuhrmann, Oliver Eichner
|pr & social media| Florian Haase
|project management| Maik Helfrich

For more information on the project please contact us directly via
phone or email:
Maik Helfrich – Projectmanagement
+49 (0)1570 – 21 81 449